Science Fair Wows the Audience; Several Advance to Regionals

Ikechi A., Staff Writer

The tri-folds have been taken down and the papers have been submitted. The middle school science fair has come to close for most. Eighth graders have worked hard on their projects since September, and most are overjoyed to be finished with them.

“There was a lot of stress because there was a lot to get done in a short period of time,” said eighth grader Rhodé O. “However, I feel like my science fair partners and I have done well, and I’m happy to get it over with.”

Every year, the middle school hosts its annual science fair, exclusively for eighth graders studying physics and chemistry. Students are assigned to create hypotheses, conduct experiments, and record data.

Eighth graders display their research on a board called a tri-fold. They are allowed to customize and decorate them however they’d like.

On Tuesday, November 27, projects were spread out all over Clarkson Hall. Students were given their own spaces to customize their presentation area. Seventh grade boy Blake H. liked that each project was different from the other.

“I liked seeing all of the creativity shown by all the projects. Each one was very unique, which made them stand out,” he said.

Photo by Ikechi A.
Example of Science Fair Presentation Board

The middle school faculty and students along with several parents visited the eighth grade science fair projects, which were highly regarded by their peers and teachers.

“I like the fact that students are required to prove something about the world,” said Innovation Lab director Tim Shabanowitz. “To be able to go out and learn new hypotheses is a great way to acquire knowledge. You’re realizing new things about science outside of the classroom.”

Photo by Ikechi A.
The Basketball Rebounder by Tyler H. and Phillip M.

For some students, the work hasn’t ended. Alumni volunteers and science teachers served as judges for the eighth graders’ projects.

These judges decide which projects are the best of the best. If a participant chooses to be judged, they can possibly advance to the next level for the science fair.

The top projects are chosen for the regional science fair. Several projects were judged, yet only 10 were selected for regionals.

Eighth grade boy Riyan P. is one of the students who has qualified for regionals. He is looking forward to the regional fair.

“It’s a good opportunity to see and meet other people’s great projects and ideas. I also like how I can represent my school by participating in such a well-known competition,” he said.

The regional fair is from March 28-30 in Athens.

“What impresses me about these eighth grade projects is the detail that was involved in the projects along with the depth of information,” said middle school counselor Tray Malloy. “The level of creativity and the understanding of the topic that was brought to each project was amazing.”