Dress Code Drama

Margaret R., staff writer

Since Westminster was founded in 1961, students have always had a strict dress code. Over time the rules have gotten more allowing. Various students think the dress code is affecting their way to express their feelings. Others believe it is helping us prepare for the future.

Numerous people think the dress code for the boys and the girls are very different. Carlisle S., a sixth-grade student said, “Boys is so much easier. They only have to wear collared shirts and khakis. Girls have to dress up nice every day.”

Most think there should be tweaks in the dress code. Many argue that the rules are too strict for the students–especially for girls. “Girls should be able to wear different things then jeans. I think that if they enhanced the skirt rule, then a lot of girl students would be more comfortable wearing what they are wearing to school. Instead, the faculty gets mad at us, and we get LOP’s,” said Tyler B., a sixth-grade girl.

Every day it seems that a girl gets an LOP because of wearing a skirt that is too short. The short skirt rule aggravates countless Middle School girls. Some are having trouble avoiding these LOPs because of their skirts. “I do not own a skirt that fits the length of the dress code. And when I wear skirts, I get punished for trying to look cute. I do not think it is fair for girls to have so many rules, and boys to have only thee rules. I think that the dress code is too strict for girls,” said Sylvia B., a seventh-grade girl.

Did you know jeans with holes and leggings are not allowed? Girl students believe that these rules should change. “I think girls should be allowed to wear leggings because it is uncomfortable to walk/run around this building and outside in jeans. And also, holes in jeans are not distracting. I do not understand why we are not allowed to have them,” said Ellie P., an eighth-grader.

Some teachers and students think that having holes in the jeans is distracting for the students while learning. Mrs. Karvis said, “It’s a trend. Everyone wants to wear them, and it should not distract them, but holes above the knee is a little much for the students in the middle school. I think below the knee is perfectly fine.”

Many girls think they should be allowed to wear leggings. “The leggings girls wear look more athletic than nice. We try to get our students to dress presentably for school. Leggings are not presentable. They look athletic, especially if you wear sweatshirts with them. That’s why we do not want girls to wear leggings because we want them getting ready for future events that are nice,” said Mrs. Karvis.

No camo! Who knew that was a rule? According to Mrs. Karvis, “Many of the shirts and pants that students wear have the camo pattern. It is trendy; it’s the new thing. It does not affect our learning, so why should it be a rule?”

In the past, the rule requiring girls to wear shirts with sleeves has been removed from the handbook. Maybe some current dress code requirements could be changed in future years.

Photo by Margaret R.