Dine and Dash? More like Last in Line

Quinton E., Staff Writer

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At Westminster, students are still waiting for the perfect day when the lunch line is short and the menu is good. According to eighth grade boy Mack T. this would be  “the perfect lunch.” 

“It’s that one thing you’ve been waiting for,” said eighth-grade boy, Lawrence M.

A big problem is the lunchroom space and length of the line itself. Seventh grade girl, Kate B. thinks that the lines should be smaller and more vigilant. People cut in line, causing others to wait longer than they should have to.

Seventh grader William I. said, “I like lunch generally, but I don’t like the line.”

Lunch space is clearly a problem that could potentially get out of hand, if not addressed properly and soon. Students only have 35 minutes to walk to Malone Dining Hall, wait in line, and eat. 

Even teachers agree that space and the wait time are problems in the lunchroom.

Bible teacher Jane Armstrong goes to lunch most days and likes the quality of the food Flik serves. She would love to have breakfast for lunch more often.

However, sometimes she has to utilize the salad bar if the line is too long. “We could consider creating a new building for lunch so that the room isn’t as compact,” she said.

Seventh grade girl Ava B. eats whatever Flik serves no matter the dilemma. “I wish the line was shorter, but if I have to wait, I will wait. I also hate when I get to the front of the line, and then they decide to run out of food,” she said. Often Flik servers have to leave the line to restock. 

Sixth grade boy Avery W. is not a fan of Flik. He said, “I would like to eat anything but what we have. I have to get a panini almost every day. I wish we had good food like chicken tenders.”

Sixth grade girl, Lilly N. thinks that the food is a little too fancy. “I like the quality of the food, but it’s just a little weird and too much. I just want normal pizza,” she said.

Photo by Quinton E.

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