Locker Madness

Ireland M., Staff Writer

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Decorating lockers for students birthdays has been a Westminster tradition for a long time. This policy recently has been banned; however, some in the school are still doing it.

Sixth grade girls Grade Chair Susan McMillan said, “We got permission to do lockers in sixth grade on a smaller scale, but it has had its drawbacks because not everyone remembers each other’s birthdays and some people are responsible for decorating friends’ lockers but sometimes forget.”

Many students think that this policy has been prohibited because people are getting their feelings hurt. Girls love to get their lockers decorated for their birthdays; however, it’s gotten to the point where some students don’t get anything at all.

Ellie P., an eighth grade girl, said, “I think this tradition is no longer happening because the grade chairs don’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt because if someone doesn’t get theirs decorated it makes them feel not special.”

Moreover, some students think that this tradition was banned because some friend groups went all out for a person, while another girl gets little to nothing for her birthday.

Sixth grade girl Carmie A. said, “I think this tradition isn’t allowed because Westminster doesn’t want people to feel discluded, and I feel like the more popular people get their lockers decorated and the less popular people don’t get as much or don’t even get anything on their lockers.”

Although the lack of decorations can make some people sad, lots of students agree that it makes them feel special when they come to school having a decorated locker.

Lilly T., an eighth grade girl, said, “I disagree with the policy about taking away lockers being decorated because showing up to school on your birthday without having decorations is kind of sad and disappointing.”

It seems special having your locker decorated, but students have noticed that some people are not treated as well as they should be for their birthdays compared to others.

Mercy V., a seventh grade girl, said, “I have had my locker decorated, but one time it was three people’s birthdays and only one got a ton of stuff and the other person only got a little and one person got nothing. It’s sad to see that sometimes people aren’t treated as special.”

Others have thought of solutions to try to be able to decorate lockers, while at the same time, no one’s feelings get hurt.

Eighth grade girls Grade Chair Vielka Reina said, “I would like to go back to where lockers could be decorated. Maybe there could be birthday decorators and everybody is assigned one person. That way everyone would feel noticed and special on their birthday.”

After this tradition was prohibited, some of the teachers came up with new ideas.

Jan Allen., seventh grade girls Grade Chair, said, “We came up with a cool way to acknowledge student birthdays by using the Scoot Dimon magnet. People are now decorating inside of lockers, and it is more personal.”

Overall, the students and Grade Chairs think that decorating lockers has had its ups and downs, but they are trying to find solutions so that students can feel special on their birthdays without anyone feeling excluded.

Photo by Ireland M.