Lost and Found: Is it ever found?

Margot C., Staff Writer

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While traveling class to class, down to Turner, and to after-school sports, it is hard for middle schoolers to keep up with their belongings. Luckily, they can find some of these things at the lost and found, located on the first floor near the art and science commons in Clarkson Hall.

Most items, including books, jackets, water bottles, binders, and clothing, are placed in the closet, which is helpful but can be chaotic at times.

Diya V., a sixth-grade girl, said, when she went to find her computer bag, the space was very messy and she had to go back three times before she found it.

Eighth-grader Chase H., also described the area as extremely cluttered when he went to look for his glasses.

Many students in the middle school agreed and see room for improvement.

Will D., a seventh-grade boy, said, “The lost and found could improve by being less messy, and it could be moved to a bigger space.”

Some have more specific ideas. “A hanging rack for coats might help,” said Jonny J., a sixth-grade boy.

Although the middle school students believe that there are many ways that it could be improved, Barbara Martin, the administrative assistant to the deans, said: “I think it works, and I wouldn’t really change anything.”

During the day it is locked and the only teachers that have to keys are Heather Karvis, Chuck Breithaupt and Ms. Martin.

Students are allowed access with the key before and after school and during recess.

“The lost and found is locked during the day to keep kids from going in there alone and to keep stuff from being put in there by accident such as computers and headphones”, said Ms. Martin.

In the lost and found it is very important that they sort out the expensive belongings from the less expensive items. For example, they do not put computers or phones in this space and keep them in a safer spot so they are not stolen.

These are kept in Ms. Martin’s office and are mentioned in the morning announcements so students know their belongings have been found.

Lawrence M., an eighth-grade boy, said: “It is good that it is locked so students can’t go in and steal stuff.”

Although this rule was put into place to keep student’s belongings safe, some middle schoolers think this rule should be changed.

Diya V., a sixth-grade girl, said: “it is really annoying that it is locked during the day because if you lose something you have to wait for a break to get it back.”

Some middle schoolers have a hard time keeping up with their belongings, and Ms. Martin said: “I have at least five students come to me a day to get their lost items.”

While other students are better about keeping up with their things, Cece W., a seventh-grade girl, said, “I have never been in the lost and found because I haven’t lost anything.”

Some students are more affected by this space than others, but regardless, the lost and found is a helpful tool for all students.