Spring Break: A Time to be Remembered

Quinton E., Staff Writer

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With Spring Break in the rearview mirror, many teachers and students had experiences and created memories that will last a lifetime.

It seems most traveled. In a recent survey sent out to middle school students where 104 responded, 92 percent of people went out of town, and 31 percent went to a different country.

Eighth grade boy Myles K. had the opportunity to travel with his family. “It was lit in Jamaica. We got to have jerk chicken every day, and it was so good,” he said.

Spring Break to a few students is looked at as a time to get ahead in their subjects. Out of the students who answered a recent survey, 19 percent of them studied during Spring Break.

Seventh grade girl Cece W. went to Florida for Spring Break. “I went to the beach and swam with some friends. I didn’t plan to study, and I wish we had more time over the break,” she said.

Eighth grade girl Caroline I. went to Colorado. She said, “I skied and shopped with my family. The time we have for Spring Break is fun.”

Sixth grade boy William W. took a trip to the beach with his family. “We went to the Bahamas with our dad. We did some fishing while we were there,” he said.

Eighth grade boy Henry C. spent his break outside of the country. “I went with my friend Jonny to Costa Rica. We chilled at the pool, played golf, surfed, ate steak, and fished,” said Henry.

Seventh grade Science teacher Perry Williams did not go out of town, but that didn’t affect his Spring Break at all. He said, “I basically just relaxed the whole time. I went out and met a friend on Monday for breakfast, but besides that, I usually just watched Netflix till about 2 in the morning every day.”

Eighth grade boy Ronit M. als0 had the chance to stay at home and relax. “I stayed at home with my mom and grandma. I played a lot of NBA 2K, and I also played basketball when it wasn’t raining outside,” he said. Ronit also mixed in about an hour of review each day.

Some trips were not just for relaxation but had a specific purpose. Seventh grade boy Phillips M. said, “I went on a college tour for my sister in Boston, and then I went to Alabama for a basketball tournament.” 

With Easter Break over a month away, hopefully, the memories of Spring Break will last students and teachers until then.

Photo Courtesy of Henry C.