Ouch!: Middler Schoolers Deal with Injuries

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With middle schoolers being active and participating in a wide variety of sports, students often get injured.

A common resource is the middle school nurse located on the third floor, while other locations include the nurse’s office in Presley and the training room Turner.

In fact, middle school nurse Ashley McCauley said: “I see about 30 to 60 kids a day and about half are injured and the other half are sick.”

Some people have less serious injuries such as cuts or small burns, but others get more serious injuries such as concussions.

Eleanor K., an eighth-grade girl, said she was injured in a lacrosse game. She said, “I had to go on concussion protocol but my concussion was mild.”

When Eleanor was first hurt, she was looked at by a trainer on the sidelines of her game, then she went to a Mayo clinic doctor and went to her actual doctor to get fully diagnosed.

She had to follow the concussion protocol, a program with different stages and levels to help the patient fully recover from a concussion.

Eleanor said, “I wasn’t able to do tests or quizzes or school work, and I was not able to play lacrosse, but after a few weeks I was able to participate in PE.”

It is frequent that students have concussions due to all of the high-intensity sports they participate in. It is important that they should take hits to the head seriously because if they are not properly cared for, they could result in brain damage.  

Sports are a frequent way people get injured, even during practices and PE.  

Mary Margaret S., a sixth-grade girl, said: “I twisted my ankle in PE trying to do a specific leap.”

She said it was painful when she put pressure on it, and that she would have to sit out of gymnastics.

Although many people are hurt in sports, it is also common to sustain an injury in everyday life.

David B., a seventh-grade boy, broke his pinky by falling. He said, “To recover fully I didn’t use my hand, wore a brace, and sat out of football.”

Falling is actually a common way for middle school students to get hurt. Caroline H., a seventh-grade girl, said: “I tore my meniscus after falling down the stairs.”

Caroline also said she had to wear a full leg brace and had to sit out of the fifth-grade retreat.

In fact, the nurse said, “The most common injuries I see are cuts, burns, and students getting hurt from falling and getting hit.”

Regardless if the injury is mild or serious, it is very important to make sure students fully recover before returning to their normal activities to prevent further damage and pain.