Building Towards the Future: A Campus Master Plan Construction Update

Tyler H., Staff Writer

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Bulldozers, dumpsters, and learning cottages. Towards the end of this school year, these will be familiar sights as the Campus Master Plan construction begins. This journey for the Westminster Schools will span a 10-year period that consists of new buildings, renovations, and exciting enhancements.

Some major changes over the next decade will include the remodeling and rebuilding of the football stadium, the renovation of Campbell and Askew Halls, the additions of a parking deck, and the creation of the Welcome Center, which will be located near the space of present-day Adams Gate. In fact, Adams Gate itself will be moved in front of the new building.

Along with generating many new spaces and places, this construction will also take away some elements of the campus to allow for what is coming. Campbell and Adams Gate parking circles, as well as Scott Hall, will go.

The destruction of Campbell parking circle will allow for an extension to be built, while the destruction of Adams Gate’s carpool circle will allow for the building of the new Westminster Welcome Center.

Furthermore, in order for the Campbell building to be renovated and extended, classes normally held there will be moved into learning trailers on Broyles Field.

Photo by Tyler H. This is a photo of Broyles Field. During the renovation of Campbell Hall, students will use learning cottages placed on Broyles as classrooms.

Many students at Westminster are very excited about the plans. “I have heard that they are renovating the Campbell building and that they are changing the football stadium, and I think it will be great for the school,” said Hallie H., a sixth grade girl.

Reid L, a seventh grader, agreed. He said, “I have heard that they are making a lot of changes in the upper school, and I think it will give more opportunities for everyone.”

The new enhancements will have noticeable impacts on Westminster, and many students think it is going to be great for the school. Eighth grade boy Myles K. said, “I think it will have a good effect on the campus because it will make it seem newer and more modern, which is good because the campus seems a little outdated.”

Hallie H. was another student that believed the construction will be good for Westminster. She said, “Having the new Welcome Center at the front of the campus will help visitors feel better when they come to Westminster.”

Another group that will be affected is the students. Seventh grader Ashlee F. said, “I think it will have a good influence on the students because with the campus being more modern, it will create a better workspace.”

Many students agree with Ashlee. Mack T., an eighth grade boy, said, “I think it will have a great effect on the students because the renovations of Campbell and Askew will give a better environment for school, and the rebuilding of the stadium will be better for sports.”

Some members of the Westminster community are excited about specific parts of the construction master plan. The Head of the Middle School, Danette Morton, said, “Another project that is going to be exciting is a building being called the ‘Westminster Center,’ and this building is going to be exciting because one of the things about our campus is that is doesn’t really have a front door. The Westminster Center is going to give us a place where people can be immediately welcomed.”

People will notice construction beginning as soon as graduation ends; when the bleachers move out, bulldozers and dumpsters will move in. According to the Westminster magazine, the first phase of the master plan begins in the summer of 2019 with the changes happening to Campbell Hall, the remodeling of the football stadium, and the building of the new parking deck. 

The summer of 2020 marks the start of the second phase with the construction of the Westminster Center, and soon after, the first phase will be completed in the fall of 2020. Finally, the Westminster Center is anticipated to open in January of 2021.

Photo by Tyler H. This is a picture of the side of Campbell Hall and the Campbell parking circle. Campbell Hall will be renovated on the inside and extended onto the parking circle.