As Taio Cruz Says: “We Came to Dance, Dance, Dance”

Margaret R., Staff Writer

As the end of the school year approaches, the social events kick up. End of the year parties, yearbook signings, and team celebrations are filling up calendars.

One of the most popular social events for the Middle Schoolers are the dances. The eighth graders have their formal Spring Dance on May 16, while the seventh graders are getting excited for their dance on May 3.

Some eighth grade students are looking forward to their event; others do not like the idea of the dance being formal. “I am so excited for the Spring Dance because we get to wear dresses, and I think it is going to be fun dressing up nice for a dance,” said Allie R., an eighth grade girl.

A few students feel uncomfortable dressing up for a Middle School dance. Reid P., an eighth grade boy, said, “I am not looking forward to the Spring dance because I do not want to dress nice. I think for a Middle School dance, it is stupid to dress up.”

All eighth grade students create a film of a scene of Romeo and Juliet with their special twist. On May 16, the winner for the Romeo and Juliet films will be announced. Not only is this a huge deal, but it is also the night of the eighth grade formal. This is the first year these two events will be combined.

While seventh and eighth grade students have dances, the sixth graders had a gym party at the beginning of the year to meet new people. “Yes, I thought the gym party was fun, but at the same time I did not like it because it felt like we were forced to make new friends right then and there,” said Holden R., a sixth grade boy.

The people behind the scenes of the seventh and eighth grade dances are the class officers, who design and plan the dances. While the seventh grade theme is “Glow in the Dark,” the eighth graders are getting fancy with a formal Spring Dance.

Eighth grader Hana H., a class representative, said, “All of the class reps thought of the design quickly, and it was easy to set up because we were so motivated to let everyone see it. It was exciting to see how everyone reacted to our design.”

The class representatives have to figure out a theme and design a social, inclusive event. “One class rep had a good idea to make an effect of out of this world inside Oglesby. We made a space tunnel into Oglesby to make the students feel like they were going out of this world,” said Elizabeth L., an eighth grade girl.

This year’s seventh grade dance is going to be “Glow in the Dark.” Seventh Grade Girls Grade Chair Jan Allen said, “The seventh grade class reps decided to shake it up to change the idea from the ’70s to Glow in the Dark. They have put together a playlist, made some posters, and planned other decorations.”

Seventh grader Christiana T. said, “I am so excited for all the dances and can’t wait to see the fun decorations and activities!”

Photo courtesy by Sr. Hoyos
First eighth grade Out of this World dance