Everywhere You Look: Cool and Classic Tv Shows

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It’s always fun to rewind with everyone’s favorite classic TV shows. These vary from funny sitcoms to frightening thrillers to informational documentaries. Middle schoolers love their TV time. 

In a survey given to all middle schoolers where 158 students responded, the two most popular shows in the middle school seem to be Full House and Friends, both popular sitcoms about relationships inside and outside of family.

Friends first aired in 1994, and follows six people as they take on the Big Apple and make memories to last a lifetime. Eighth grader Courtney O. loves the show because she says it’s funny and timeless.

Full house first aired in 1987, and is about a father raising his three daughters with the help of his rockstar brother-in-law and comedic best friend.

Full House is one of eighth grader Isabel Kase’s favorites to watch. “It shows great family values and the characters are really funny,” she said.

Sixth grader Charlotte G. enjoys Full House, along with I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show, and Friends.

Famous actors and actresses attract viewers to older shows. Emmie H., a seventh grader, said, “I like Full House because I like the actors in it.”

Some other popular shows are the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island, and Boy Meets World.

Phillips M., a seventh grader, likes to watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for the actors like Will Smith.

Sometimes old shows get reboots or revived years later, like Fuller House and X-Files. Some students enjoy these newer versions.

“I love them because I feel like they’re taking the script from before and continuing it,” said Charlotte.

However, other students don’t enjoy reboots. Sixth grader Alexander C. feels as if they are forced and unnecessary.

“I feel like they’re trying too hard to create something. It’s like when you have a good movie like Jaws and then they make Jaws 2,” he said.

When looking at differences between classic and modern shows, they contrast greatly from each other with different effects, humor, and plotlines.

“New shows have cool effects but old shows were simple sitcoms that you could watch out of order,” said eighth grader Qadir S.

On the other hand, new shows generally cover varying topics, whereas old shows focus on the lives of people. “New shows are cooler to watch, and old shows are just about people or families,” said Emmie.

Charlotte agrees, saying new shows are better quality and generally funnier.

The nostalgia of classic tv shows never gets old for some, and middle school students are rewinding back in time to tune in.

The Cast of Friends. Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros via Britannica Images