Last Call for Lost and Found

Alexa L., Staff Writer

The final pickup for the lost and found has finally started, with the table on the bridge filled with unclaimed items. Barbara Martin said that only 50 percent of these items will end up being claimed by students strolling by between classes.
There is an overspill of books that students have left in classrooms and locker commons, most of which are unlabeled. Some books are also hidden under piles of sweatshirts, so they probably won’t be claimed by the end of this week.
Swells, Camelbaks, and many other water bottles all stand here unused waiting for their owners to claim them. It’s likely that many owners have already gone out and purchased a new one, which is a waste of plastic.
There is an abundance of lost jackets and sweatshirts, many of which will end up being donated to the local Goodwill if not claimed by the end of the year. The Westminster paraphernalia will be given to Mrs. Cobler who will give these extra clothes to faculty around campus and use some in a service project later in the year.