And the Oscar Goes to…

Tyler H., Staff Writer

As a final project in English classes, all eighth grade students formed a group and recreated their favorite scene from Shakespeare’s, Romeo and Juliet, as well as adding their own special take. Each year, the school throws its own Romeo and Juliet Oscars event to celebrate the hard work of the students, and the films are nominated for different categories and given awards.

The Winners in the following Categories were:

  1. Best Picture: Orange Velvet Films
  2. Best Actor: Phillip M. as Juliet
  3. Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Laith B. as Balthasar
  4. Best Actress: Abby W. as various roles
  5. Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Ariya V. as Juliet
  6. Best Cameo: Anyssa’s Mom (Saucy Boy Studios)
  7. Best Cinematography: Get Nazered On Productions
  8. Best Direction and Choreography: SCW Productions
  9. Best Lighting: Swan Productions
  10. Best Costume Design: BaNaNaNa Productions
  11. Best Production Design: Swan Productions
  12. Best Sound Design: Settle In And Read Productions
  13. Best Film Editing: – A Productions
  14. Best Original Screenplay: Boppin Buckaroos
  15. Best Original Score: SCW Productions