Time For Testing

Dorsey F, Reporter

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It is that time of year for middle school wildcats. Time for standardized testing. Each year, 6th and 7th grade students take the ERB tests, while the 8th grade students take the cogAT tests. The standardized tests are for schools to evaluate their academic standing.

These tests take a lot of planning. One person who is key to planning these tests is Michele Persons. She is the registrar in the Middle School, which means she does all of the database management, including grades and schedule. She coordinates testing for each grade level, so she trains teachers on how to proctor and coordinating students on when and where to take the tests.

“The tests provide great insights for each student individually and into their learning and development, and the middle school can use that information to see where students are excelling and where they need help.”

The 8th graders take a different set of tests, “The 6th and 7th grade take the ERBs which are focused on language arts and math, and give insight into those topics specifically. These are the same tests that they take in the lower school. The 8th grade takes the cogAT, which are focused on quantitative insights and verbal and nonverbal problem-solving.”
On the other side of the spectrum, here is what student Duncan S. has to say about the tests, “ I hate the tests, I think that they are a waste of time and they are too long.”

Standardized tests can be a useful tool for the middle school to see how everyone is doing, but can they be stressful to the students? “Yes, they can be stressful, even though they don’t count as an official grade, they do make me anxious and a little nervous.”

Another thing to worry about is if the students take the tests seriously and try their hardest. The tests are beneficial, but since they don’t count as grades for students, the administration may not know if the student tried or not on their tests. “ I try my hardest on most of it, but yes, sometimes I can be bored and just guess on the last few questions.” Though the tests may not be the most fun experience for students, they are beneficial to the school to see where everyone needs help, and where everyone is exceeding expectations.