Middle School Meals


Malone Dining Hall where Flik is served. Picture by: Josie N.

Josie N., Staff Writer

In the mornings students are listening for one announcement. What’s for lunch, what’s for lunch?

Flik, Westminster’s catering company, serves a variety of meals from different cultures and countries, and every student has their favorite out of the selections offered from the hot line, salad and soup bar, prepared salads, and sandwiches.

Some include different forms of chicken and rice, breakfast for lunch, and pasta days.

Harper P., a sixth grade girl, said, “My favorite meal is ravioli, but I usually do not eat the hot lunch. I usually make a panini.”

Seventh grader Ellie P. said, “I like the tortellini because they have lots of cheese in them.”

Zeke H., a seventh grade boy said, “It’s not really a meal, but I like the french fries because there are a variety of soft and crunchy fries.” What students do not know is that Flik provides to schools nationwide.

Lucas R., an eighth grade boy, couldn’t name a favorite. He said, “I usually like the food in Flik. I’m not super picky, but most of the time it’s really good.”

Ashley F., a sixth grader, had an opinion on her favorite Flik meal. She said, “My favorite is probably the fried chicken, because it tastes so good!”

Sam K., a sixth grade boy, agreed with Harper. He said, “I make a panini most of the time, but when I eat Flik hot lunches, I like to eat when they are serving grilled cheese or french fries.”

Charlotte B., a sixth grader, agreed with Sam. She said, “I like the grilled cheese a lot because it’s never burnt and is really good with the tomato soup they serve.”

Another Flik fact is that president Ray Mulligan makes the philosophy of Flik to deliver healthy, nutritious menus made from responsible and sustainable products.

In conclusion, many students said they don’t care for the hot lunches that Flik serves, but they enjoy making a panini. However, some students disagreed and said that they liked some hot lunches that Flik served occasionally.