The Forgotten Video Games

Reilly O., Staff Writer

Fortnite was released July 25, 2017, and slowly but surely, has dominated the video game world. In a recent middle school survey, all grade levels gave feedback on what happened to those video games that had previously been at the top. Do people still play them? Why do people think Fortnite took over the video game industry?

The survey generated 161 responses. Out of those respondents, 82 people answered Fortnite as their current favorite video game.

Eighth grader Daniel W. said, “Fortnite is my favorite video game right now.”

About 25 percent of the respondents said they don’t play any other game besides Fortnite. When asked what their previous favorite video game was, the responses varied. However, the most popular response was Call of Duty. Seventeen students named it as a previous favorite. Wii Sports was also very popular with 15 votes.

Seventh grader Owen O. said, “Fortnite is my favorite, but when I am not playing that I like Call of Duty.”  

Seventh grader Quinton E. agreed. He said, “Call of Duty is fun because you respawn quickly.”

About 35 percent of the respondents think the reason Fortnite is so popular right now is simply because it’s the video game of the moment. However, 20 percent of respondents think the reason for its popularity is because it is a different type of game. Unlike common sports games or shooter games, Fortnite is a survival, building, and shooting game. 

Eighth grader Daniel W. said, “I used to play NBA2K and Madden, but I got hooked on Fortnite.” Daniel also predicted Fortnite will die out eventually.

Sixth grader Samantha G. said, “I was going to play Fortnite, but my phone wasn’t up to date.”

Some people don’t even play video games. For instance, Sixth grader Ashlee F. said, “I don’t play any video games.”

Fortnite is approaching its one year anniversary and seems to keep growing. Who knows if the old video games will come back around again?