What’s for Lunch?

Carson S., Staff writer

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Lunch is a very popular topic around the middle school. Throughout the grades people seem to have many different opinions on what they like to eat in the lunchroom.

According to a survey of seventh graders, students like to eat foods such as pizza bagels and noodles. The poll produced a large variety of responses.

FLIK, the provider of the food, will make a hot dish for the whole school. If students don’t want the option they have for that day, they can always make a panini. Also an option for vegetarians and people with allergies is available.

In the poll, it seems that most people like the lunches that FLIK serves because only about 31 percent of people prefer getting a panini over the regularly provided meal. Many chose this because the panini line is almost always shorter than the FLIK lunch line.

Based on the survey of seventh graders and interviews with sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, students’ favorite lunches are nachos, mac and cheese, and breakfast for lunch. Foster B., a seventh grade girl, even stated, “All I want is Mac n Cheese more often!”

Also FLIK serves foods that some people just don’t like, but the data is more spread out with not as many concentrated answers. Although many people like chili, that was one of the foods people mentioned as a least favorite along with chicken and rice.

“I don’t really like chicken and rice anymore because they serve it all the time. Most of the time it leaves me with eating a panini,” said Quinton E., an eighth grade boy.  

Foods students wish the school did serve are also up for discussion. Two of the most wanted lunches are pizza and surprisingly, seafood of various types.

Blake H., a seventh grade boy, said, “I really wish they served regular pizza, but it would be very good to have something like sushi every once in a while.” He said regular pizza because they serve pizza bagels instead.

Photo by Carson S.

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