The MS Geography Bee: Who will BEE the Best?

Zach H., Staff Writer

Zach H.
Globe in the George Woodruff Library in the Middle School.

Every year at the beginning of January, the middle school holds its very own geography bee. This competition of around ten students holds high stakes and features the best geography students at the school.

Seventh grade boys chair and sixth grade World Cultures teacher Robert Cochran is the host and director of the bee. He comes up with a preliminary test each year as a qualification round and has been associated with the bee for seven years, taking over the reins from Mr. Scotty Jones three years ago.

Dr. Cochran has some ideas on who he believes will win this year’s bee. He said, “I think the front runners will be Arjun P., Campbell H., Hewlett C., and Sarah K., but there are others who may also slide into the mix.”

Eighth grade boy Arjun P. is the returning champ and is looking forward to the competition once again. He said, “I am looking forward to when I win and get a day off of school to compete in the state bee.”

The winner will move on to the state championship for a chance to receive the Georgia bid to nationals. National Geographic gives out a cash prize to the champion—in the form of funds to attend the college of their choice.

This event not only provides a competitive nature, but it is also an enjoyable experience for many students.

Eighth grade boy Hewlett C. has competed in the geography bee for the past two years and feels the atmosphere is supportive. He said, “I think it is so awesome to compete in front of my friends and get cheered on by the whole middle school.”

The bee is not only a positive experience for the competitors, but is entertaining for viewers as well.

Eighth grade girl Abby W. said, “I think it is very competitive, and it is fun to watch, but it also gives me anxiety because I am worried for the person answering.”

“I love watching it because we get to play along as an audience, and it is very cool that we can celebrate something different than just sports,” said eighth grade French teacher Mrs. Anne Sophie Hankla.

To see who will move on to the state competition, catch the bee on January 8 in the Oglesby Room.