Game, Set, Match

Riley S., Staff Writer

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The 2019 tennis season is around the corner, and students trying out for the two middle school teams are preparing for the big day–January 28. About 20-25 girls and boys are trying out for each team, which will consist of 12 players.

Because the entire season is three and a half months long, students have plenty of time to improve through practices and match play. It is a chance for students to be competitive with their peers, and also to gain experience and skill.

Ryan S., a seventh grade boy, has been playing tennis for eight years. He said, “I want to be on a team with people that will help me improve my tennis game.” He wants to play a lot in middle school so he will be prepared for varsity tryouts in high school.

Eighth grader Kelly S. was on the team last year and is trying out again. She said, “Tennis teaches me to set goals I can personally achieve, and I feel this is an essential trait to learn.” Kelly also plans to continue playing in high school.

The boys will practice on the front courts by the main entrance of Westminster while the girls will practice on the back courts. During the fall, the front courts were completely resurfaced and are now ready for use.

Seventh grader Charlie B. said, “I love the mental and physical part of tennis, and I love to play because it brings out my competitive nature.” Charlie plays state, Southern, and National tournaments, and this is his seventh year playing.

Jorge Perez returns as the middle school boys’ coach while new coach, Matt Myers, will be coaching the girls. Both encourage all students to try out despite their level of experience.

“This is my second year playing tennis and my first year trying out. I love the game because it’s really fun to be competitive with my friends,” said eighth grader Kyra D.

George M., an eighth grade boy, said, “Tennis is my favorite sport, and I like to play singles, but I don’t play doubles very often.” George practices three times a week and was also on the team last year.

Tryouts begin at the end of January and last several weeks. The coaches will first look at the experience of each player for a few days and then they will be placed on a ladder bracket. At the end of tryouts, the top 12 players will be chosen for the team.

While the season may seem like a long time away with exams and the break ahead, it is rapidly approaching. Students will only have a few more weeks after Christmas break to get ready.

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