Current Hits In The Middle School

Current Hits In The Middle School

Lara B, Author

Over the years music has changed because there are so many new types of music now compared to a few years ago, and people feel different about it. Different people in the Middle school at Westminster feel differently about the top hits and the same with their peers. As of right now, most of the more popular songs are rap, pop, and sometimes country. Students felt differently about the current hits and how they felt about in different grades and genders.


Most people said that they don’t really like the current hits, “To me, they are very disappointing compared to past music that’s been much better by the same artist” a quote said by Armstrong J. an 8th-grade boy. Another person said “Pretty good just not all the curse words because it makes me feel uncomfortable just because of how many there are” Ethan C. a 6th- grade boy. Other people felt differently like an 8th- grade girl “I like music now, its hype.” Ryan M. she thought that the music now is good. 


Out of 6 people, 5 said rap. Rap right now is by far the most popular. Some different responses were country music and another one was soundtracks to movies and songs from music. Nobody said pop which was surprising just because a lot of pop songs are popular too. Rap has definitely gotten more popular in middle school in the past 2 years.


Out of 6 people, 3 said they liked songs from a few years ago more but the other 3 said they liked the current songs more. So it is pretty even with people favoring older music or current music. For most people, the answer came them pretty quickly but for others, they had to really think about it.


The last question was who was the students, favorite music artists. The answers to this question were all very different. Out of the 5 people they said, Ariana Grande, Lil Baby, Justin Bieber, Lil Xan, and Ajr. All of these artists are generally rappers or sing pop music. Other people in the hallways tried to think of an answer but they said that they couldn’t choose.


All together most people are pretty happy with the current top hits. A lot of people really like the same kinds of music, especially rap. Most people like music but sometimes they think that there has been better music. About half and half like the current and the other half like older music.