The Disappointment Of September 20th


Timeyin Agbeyegbe, Writer


Over the summer, a facebook event was created to storm Area 51. It blew up fast by the second people were signing it. Days later the event said over 5 million people were attending. On different social media platforms, many memes were made on this topic. 

People would say “I’m going to get an alien girlfriend,” or “I’m going to get a laser gun blaster.” This became one of the funniest memes of the year. This meme took a dark turn when all the memes got on the government’s radar. The government got scared and thought people would take this seriously and try to storm Area 51. They thought people could get hurt so they got more security and used American’s tax money to go towards this cause. The tax money we pay for was used towards the security and not roads.

The time September came about the memes had lost popularity and no longer was funny. When the day came people barely remembered. After school, many kids went to see the outcome and if they got inside. After seeing the results, people were devastated by how overhyped the Raid. 1,500 people were at the site, and about 150 people went up to the door but did not go in. As we can see the media can influence people and make people think dumb things. The lack of attendees surprised everyone, leading to a festival being canceled 

Let’s take a look at what other students thought of this disappointment. Out of seven students, 100% of them knew about the raid. Armstrong Jones, an eighth-grader said it was a joke and did not affect the government. His takeaway was that it was dumb and shows how social media can catch everyone’s attention. Camryn Owens, an eighth-grade girl did not think it was a joke and thought over five million people would show up.