Bookstore Rush


Brooks Beach, Timeyin Agbeyegbe

As we all know the bookstore is a very common place after school for middle schoolers and high schoolers. At the bookstore students and teachers can buy anything to Westminster apparel, school supplies, food, and drinks. 


At the bookstore, there is also a new payment method with student/teacher ID cards. We would like to know the student’s opinions about their cards, and how they keep track of their card.


At the beginning of this school year, Westminster came up with a new method of printing, checking out books at the library, and buying items at the bookstore, campus center, and Turner Gym. The cards are like a credit card with a barcode on the back that is scanned by the bookstore managers for payment. 


Most students don’t like the new payment method with the cards because they will normally lose track of their card, and have to buy a new one. The students will also sometimes just leave them at their house, in their locker, or somewhere else. On the flip side, the card payment method is much easier and more efficient for the employees at the bookstore. Where before, the employees would have to ask for their last name and type it into their computer.


Armstong Jones an 8th grader said, “I don’t like the new payment card method because I lose track of my card a lot, and I had to buy a new card since I lost my last one.


The bookstore has a few big rushes of students throughout the day. There are high schoolers during their lunchtime, and there are TONS of middle schoolers right as their day ends. Since the bookstore is such a popular place, we were wondering how the bookstore runs its business and operates.  


The bookstore is always managing popular items and unpopular items. The bookstore always manages how much they have of one product. Let’s say if they sell out of the Oreos on the shelf shown they will always have more behind the counter ready to be put back out to be sold. 


After doing multiple interviews we found out that people go to the bookstore around 2 to 3 times a week. When interviewing we also asked what the student’s favorite snacks are. Most students prefer the Dunkin Donuts coffee in the afternoon or a Powerade to drink. To eat, most students like the ChexMix, Hot Cheetos, or candy to eat in the afternoon as well, and in the morning students will like to get pop tarts or cereal if they didn’t eat breakfast at their house. 


Mrs. Snyder a bookstore employee said, “The most popular food item is probably Sour Patch Kids, and the most popular drink is the sports top Smart Water and blue Powerade.”


Most students don’t like the new payment method because it is annoying to keep track of their card, but it is much better for the employees at Westminster to make their lives easier. In the future, Westminster might also use the cards for students and teachers to get into the building when locked during the school day.