Disney Plus

Disney Plus

Kate Matheson, Writter and Reporter

A new video streaming service was released on November 12, 2019, called, Disney Plus. There has been a lot of rave about this streaming service recently. However, there are still some questions that our community would like to know. What exactly is Disney Plus? How is it better than Netflix? How much does it cost?

Disney Plus is a new tv streaming service. It allows you to view most of your favorite Disney movies and tv shows that are no longer on television. It has also released some original movies. Exclusively found through there streaming service. A new hit that is a Disney Plus original as well is Noelle. This is a new movie about what it takes to be Santa and if Santa really has to be a man instead of a woman. It will get you in the holiday spirit!

Another reason why Disney Plus is such a hit is because there are no ads. So, you can enjoy your favorite movie without any interruptions. Disney Plus is competing with other tv streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Now, and Apple TV Plus. So why should someone choose Disney Plus over these other options?

A big factor in choosing a tv provider is the cost. Disney Plus has everyone beat there. There cost is seven dollars a month, which is half of HBO Now’s cost. They also have Netflix beat. Disney Plus’s prices are considered a big discount compared to Netflix’s prices.

Disney Plus also bought out ABC, Marvel, Star Wars, and Espn. And also merged with Pixar. So for only seven dollars, you can enjoy all of your favorite from these tv streaming services. Will you switch to Disney Plus?