Middle School Turns to Baking and Cooking for Stress Relief


During this pandemic, we are now quarantined. According to the World-O-Meter corona tracker, there are around 2,991,000 cases of corona in the world and about 23,000 cases just in Georgia. It is suggested that we should stay at home with our families and only go out for necessities. 

Finn R, an eighth-grader, says, “Quarantine is not fun because it is hard to find different things to do with the spare time with these strict rules” Most kids in the middle school are just like Finn. They are bored because they can’t do what they normally would in their daily lives. 

 It is not only the kids that are missing school and normal life. Ms. Argall explains that she really misses school but,I would be lying if I said I hated it- I have always liked being with my family.” She says that she has been doing a lot of baking and cooking. 

Instead of doing nothing, most people have been making food with their families. Kate B, a seventh-grader, says “I made s’mores dip and it was so good.” She said it was very easy and that anyone could make it. 

Finn R. explains,” One of my favorite meals my mom and brother have made during quarantine is flatbread pizza with naan” That sounds delicious!

Ms. Argall had told us that she was thinking of starting a page of recipes for students to use when they are bored. Some student interviewees said that it was a great idea while others said most kids wouldn’t even look at it. 

According to the Goodnet, baking and cooking can be an antidepressant and can reduce stress. Many kids must be feeling these emotions. Baking and cooking with their families can be a great alternative for being on screens all day in their rooms. The Schoology recipe page may be a good distraction.