Disney Parks’ Reopening Time and Plans


Cameron Hill

Most people in quarantine are ready for it all to be over. Everyone wants their summers so that they can go on fun trips, have no school, and be able to see their friends. People are going to go to the beach, lake, and the “happiest place on earth”, Disney World Theme Parks. 


The parks are closed at the moment, so planned trips and reservations for the spring/summer were canceled. According to Disney Food Blog, Disney sends out cancelations every week to those who have planned trips. 


Florida is opening the state by phases. The first one has already been passed by the state where restaurants and stores have been opened to the public. They have strict social distancing rules issued. 


Phase 2 is when Disney is thinking about reopening the parks. There will be limited capacity and distancing. There have also been thoughts of having cleaning stations with wipes and sanitizer almost every 30 feet. They are also sending out a survey about whether workers and guests should wear masks over their mouths, and everyone must be tested. 


USA TODAY tells us, Shang Hai’s Disney theme park reopened May 11, using the theory of “phase 2”. They limited their capacity from 80,000 to 24,000. They also have strict cleaning and distancing.


The final phase would allow the theme parks to fully open. It would have full capacity but still would most likely have the cleaning stations and distancing. 


These are all theoretical and is what most Disney experts expect to happen by Florida’s laws and Disney’s precautions. 


Their company has already lost a lot of money due to the pandemic, so most expect them to reopen the parks as soon and safely as possible. Although, they haven’t given us a specific time. Guests can only get information by the “phases” or checking Disney’s updates for estimated reopenings.